• Sarah Doolin

Meet the Doolins!

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm the person who always starts to sweat when I hear someone say, "let's go around the room and say a little bit about ourselves." It's like in that moment, I forget everything remotely interesting about myself and I just wish I could fade into the background. In college, I had so many of those moments in every new class that I decided on one answer that I would always give no matter what - "Hi, my name is Sarah and I am born on the same day as two of my family members." Whew! Bullet dodged!

These days I am more confident in myself and I know myself better than I did back then. I like to be prepared for anything that might happen, good or bad. I run through multiple scenarios in my head for even the smallest situations. I am also obsessed with personality tests. I am an ISTJ and an Enneagram 1w2. I feel like they are more in style now but I used to be the weird friend who wanted everyone to take all the online tests so I would know what their type was. If you have a personality test you like, send it my way!

Planning comes naturally to me and I love to see a vision come to life! Getting to organize and work on the little details of projects brings me joy. I am especially excited about getting to plan weddings because I want everyone to have as special of a day as Ryan and I had without all the stress and tears it took us to get there.

Hi! I'm Ryan! I am an accountant by trade, but you wouldn't know it by meeting me. I don't have the "accountant's personality". I have been told I should be in marketing because I am so extroverted. Unlike Sarah, I love telling facts about myself. Fun fact, I have known I wanted to be an accountant since I was 10. The desire to do wedding planning came much later. Another fun fact, I have so many different interests that I would be writing a book to give you all the randomness that are my interests so instead I will just tell you why I became a wedding planner.

I have always thought that I would enjoy wedding planning because I love weddings. We planned our own wedding and I loved it. That process confirmed for me that this is what I want to do. There is something magical about the intricacies of a wedding day that I discovered when planning my own. It gives you an appreciation for everything in the wedding from the tablecloths to the programs. Let us turn your vision into a day you will cherish forever.

Together we are the Doolins! As you can tell, we are very different people. But we make an excellent team! One of our biggest strengths as a couple is communication. It has been a great thing for our marriage and is one of the reasons we are confident in starting a business together. We are looking forward to working with you to make your wedding a wonderful and stress-free experience.

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